What are the toys offered by the Janod brand?

Written by Adelyne

As a parent, you always want the best for your children. Everything has to be perfect: room decorations, outfits, hygiene products, etc. Toys are no exception. Janod is there to guarantee fun and playful toys. If you want to learn more about this brand that has made children's development a vocation, we invite you to read this article.

What is the origin of the Janod toy brand?

To understand where the Janod brand and its values come from, a little history lesson is in order.

In 1970, Louis Janod created the company, which began to manufacture all kinds of traditional toyssuch as spinning tops and yo-yos. Janod's speciality? French wood! The company started to conquer new markets and to make children's eyes shine in the four corners of the world in 2004.

As a result of this enormous popularity, cardboard was added to wood to expand the range of toys on offer. From 2008 onwards Janod puzzles are a delight for young and old alike.

Janod is a brand that modernises the traditional to enable parents to pass on the values of their generations to their children.

What does Janod offer?

janod toys

Janod joins the list of great baby toy brands and young children, it offers over 400 ways to entertain your children. You will find in its catalogue :

  • Early learning toys ;
  • Costumes ;
  • Puzzles;
  • Workshops;
  • Tables;
  • Outdoor activities;

There are some for all ages and above all, for all circumstances. Your little one can have fun in the bath, at the table, in the playground, and even when learning.

Janod's strong point is the product diversity available to you, girls and boys can easily find their happiness with this brand of toys.

For the little ones who can't wait to grow up and have already chosen their jobs, there are also imitations. You'll be happy to see barracks, garages, kitchens, hairdressing salons, classrooms, etc. Everything you need to put some glitter in your eyes and those of your children.

What do customers think of Janod toys?

Today, several brands have already proved their worth, such as Chicco and Vtech but Janod has also won over the hearts and pockets of parents. In 2016, it was crowned third favourite brand of mothers and did everything to excel and reach second place in 2018.

The brand is rated 9.3/10 on the Parole De Maman social network, where parents are unanimous: Janod toys are aesthetic, useful, of high quality and fun.

So what are you waiting for to make your first purchase from Janod? Your children will be delighted!

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