What is the role of early learning toys for a 12-month-old baby?

Written by Adelyne

As your children grow, you need to consider the primary importance of toys. However, there are a few precautions that should be followed and the type of toy should be chosen according to the baby's growth level.

Of course, a great toy is supposed to be a real discovery and a means of distraction for your toddler, but how do you to choose the right toys ? To find out more, we invite you to continue reading this article.

What toys are suitable for a 12-month-old baby?

Babies like to playThey become mobile, usually starting with rolling over and sitting up, and then walking, hopping, crawling, standing up and holding on. They become mobile, and usually start by rolling over and sitting up, and then start walking, hopping, crawling, standing up and holding themselves up. They can identify the different parts of their bodyThis can be done by using a variety of tools, such as a computer, to find missing animals or to insert and remove items from boxes.

Playing with your toddlers will help them through the different stages of their growth, not forgetting the fun times. Here are some toys that are suitable for babies aged 12 months :

  • objects with which he can pretend, such as dolls, dolls, cars, or puppets;

  • toys to be put down and taken out: plastic containers, large balls, balls and other interlocking toys;

  • items to be used to make objects such as large soft cubes and wooden blocks;

  • the musical learning toys with which they can use their senses, such as music boxes.

Early learning toys contribute to to the growth of children, They are therefore essential for babies who are beginning to explore the world around them.

The time spent on these types of games allows for strengthening language skills They can also promote the development of the baby's physical skills and are the first step in the development of the baby's social and emotional competence. They can also support the development of the baby's physical skills and are also the first step in formation of cognitive concepts complexesThese include task resolution and object permanence.

Why choose early learning toys for a 12-month-old baby?

When you play with your baby, you get to know your baby better, you broaden the scope of your communication and you strengthen the bond between you.

Indeed, sharing early learning toys with your 12-month-old babies is to stimulate them. This type of toy offers them several advantages, which we list below.

The proper functioning of the sensory system

The toy promotes the awakening the five senses of the infant, who gradually learns the colours, materials, smells, dimensions and morphology of his surroundings.

Mental development

Early-learning games encourage reflection and the development of capacity to find solutions. For example, when a baby starts making noises with his objects or dropping several coloured cubes, he eventually understands that this action results in a certain outcome.

Social change

For the baby, playing games with you is a way of relieving the pressure on him. from social development process. Indeed, thanks to this presence, your smiles, as well as your gestures and words, he feels more secure and wants to continue his explorations.

Language acquisition

When children play, they develop the ability to speak small words, formulate their own thoughts and to be better heard.

Observe your baby's behaviour and reactions when you play. For example, if you put an object in front of your baby, but he refuses to touch it or starts to cry, this may indicate that it has had sufficient stimulation to date. He is also entitled to rest periods.

How do I find early learning toys online? 

You would like to buy toys to please your nephew or child. You should know that it is possible to find toys for a two-year-old child or more on online sites.

To do this, you can turn to websites dedicated to early learning games for young children. 

You can also order a play set from the site at the same time as you do your regular shopping. For example, by shopping at the drive on Courses U, add the game to your basket. This way, it will be automatically added to your shopping. When you go to the drive-through to pick up your groceries, you will be able to recover the game to give to a young child. That's pretty convenient, don't you think? 

Then, if you are still looking for an easy way to get a play set. It is possible to order from a general e-commerce site. You can find lots of them on the internet and have them delivered directly to your home or to a relay point.

Now you know everything you need to know to easily find an online learning game.

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