What is the advantage of the ball pool for children?

Written by Caroline

The ball pool is one of the most important activities for children's development. It promises many benefits for children.

The ball pool is an early learning game with many advantages

A game of discovery and experimentation

Inside a ball pool, a child experiment with different types of movement They can jump, throw balls, dive, float, etc. With a lot of freedom, he can go in and out whenever he wants. In this way, he learns the inside-outside concept which is particularly important for his development. Indeed, this has a direct impact on his physical, emotional and intellectual development. This game helps him to gain the ability to coordinate his movements and to become aware of what he can do with his body. At the same time, he learns logic and comes to understand that each of his actions has consequences.   

Moreover, this early learning toy combines the useful with the pleasant. It is both entertaining and develops the child's fine motor skillsand its mobility. That is why manufacturers offer different shapes, colours and sizes of balls. Moreover, thanks to the ball pool, your child will learn to :

  • Keeping the balance
  • Knowing and developing your different senses
  • Spending time in total freedom
  • Playing with other children
  • Floating on the balls

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ball pool

A safe and evolving play area

The ball pool is reliable in terms of safety, the child can get in and out without the help of an adult. Moreover, it can make different types of movements without the risk of injury The pool is made of foam, as are the balls. The coloured balls can also be made of plastic, but no matter what material they are made of, they pose no risk to your child. The children fall in without a hitch and are able to get up quickly. Whether they are diving, jumping or playing tag, the pool is still a safe place to be as long as they are in the same age group. It is also said to be progressive, as it is possible toadapt its size to the size of the children it accommodates.

Other advantages of the ball pool

The ball pool is suitable for small and large children

The ball pool is suitable for children of all ages as it comes in different sizes. To make the right choice, you should consider the age and size of your child. The pool should be smaller for toddlers to ensure their safety. The recommended size is 2mx2m up to 6 years old. Below this age, movement is even more limited, as is the number of coloured balls in the pool. For children over 6 years of age, a slightly larger size of 3mx3m is required. The pool of this size can accommodate up to 10 children.  

For older and bigger children, you should opt for a large one of 10mx10m that can accommodate up to 30 children. These are often seen in playgrounds, schools, etc. This type of ball pool is perfectly suited for teenagers from 15 years of age. Furthermore, ball pools can be classified by the age of the children they can accommodate:

  • Models for children from 12 months to 7 years
  • Models for children aged 8 to 14
  • Models for children from 15 to 18 or even 20 years old 
  • Models for all ages and sizes

In addition, the number of ball layers should be adapted to the age of the child so that he or she can play comfortably. For example, two layers of balls for children between 9 and 18 months and three layers for children over 18 months. However, every child is different, so it is important to customise the number of balls to suit their needs. You should also pay attention to the quality of the balls.  

The ball pool to channel your child

A child needs to spend time and play throughout the day. However, it is important to channel the excess energy to maintain their health and well-being. Moreover, the ball pool allows children to be occupied when it is impossible to go outside despite bad weather or any other reason. It is highly recommended for calming the child's hyperactivity. The children hyperactiveAs we all know, children need to be constantly on the move. If you let them play in a ball pool, they will be able to let off steam safely and without restraint.

The ball pool is also suitable for a child with ADHD or attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity. It can also be used for channelling an unruly child or a infernal child. Whether your child is rambunctious, infernal or hyperactive, the use of the ball pool always helps to calm them down for a few hours.

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