How to choose VTech baby toys?

Written by Adelyne

VTech is the leader in the field of educational and electronic toys, using the latest technology to provide fun and innovative toys for all parents who care about their children.

For more than 40 years, the company has been designing, in association with professionals specialising in children's play, toys and games that cleverly combine learning and funThis is based on the maxim "learning while having fun".

If you want to know more about this famous brand, we suggest you read on.

VTech baby toys: the best companions for your little ones

If you are looking for age-appropriate toys for your baby that guarantee fun and learning at the same time, VTech, the dreaded competitor of the Fisher-Price toysalways keeps its word.

With toys for babies and toddlers, you can be sure to find one that will stimulate theimagination of your toddler with bright colours, exciting sounds and modes of operation. They are easy-to-handle toys for safe play.

At VTech, you can find toys for all age groups. For children babies aged 0-12 monthsWith the help of our website, you can choose from a wide range of toys for your child. The best ones are : Picoton mon lumi hérisson, Hochet miroir lumi lion, Hula-Hoop, P'tit lion à ventouse, Croc'hippo rose and many other original toys.

VTech toy prices vary from about 9 to 82 euros depending on the model you wish to buy. Smart plush toys are usually the most expensive, while small basic toys and baby characters are in the lower price range.

Selection criteria for VTech toys

If you wish to purchase baby toys of the brand VTech, you should pay attention to the points raised below.

Main categories of VTech toys

There are several types of toys, including

  • Interactive rattles and mini musical instruments. They are designed to be safe for babies;

  • Construction sets: come as a series of matching components, as a station equipped with trains ;

  • Educational toys: such as the Sit-to-Stand learning trotter focused on pedagogy ;

  • Smart toys: like tablets and cameras.

Material specifications

VTech toys are robustly and solidly built. They are made from a high quality plastic and compact in order to withstand shocks and handling by children.

The colours

Most VTech toys are produced in basic colours, which means that they are catches the eye of toddlers. The buttons and letters in these games often have different colours to help babies distinguish them from the rest of the game and develop their visual skills.

Now you know more about VTech toys.

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