What are the toys offered by the Oxybul brand?

Written by Adelyne

Choosing the right toys for our children can be difficult. Whether they are babies or not, the choice of toys is still very important. It is even more important for babies, as they not only develop and stimulate their senses, but also strengthen their imagination and instincts.

Among the most recommended brands of toys for children are the Oxybul brand.

The Oxybul brand of toys

Each child discovers himself as he grows. They get to know the world around them and become familiar with it little by little. One of the things that help them to take their first steps in the world is, of course, toys. It is true that there are a lot of brands of toys for children and babiessuch as the Chicco toy brands and Fishe-PriceBut the one we are interested in today is the Oxybul brand.

The Oxybul brand of toys is one of the best known brands in France. It offers several types of toys, classified by age group ranging from 2 to 12 years old. The categories of these toys are also very varied, namely toys for children, outdoor toys, educational games, books and story boxes.

Oxybul toys

There are different types of Oxybul baby toys. They are classified in different categories.

Early learning toys

This kind of toys is for newborns until they are 6 or 7 years old. There are several toys in this category, both to stimulate the child's imagination and senses. Among them we have :

  • Nesting trolleys;
  • Early learning mats ;
  • Construction sets.

Outdoor toys

Several types of toys for outdoor activities Air toys are available from this brand. They help to develop the child's active senses while having fun. The toys in this category are tricycles or gardening tools.

The different educational games

With regard to educational gamesThese toys are generally intended for children over one year of age. These toys allow the child to develop a sense of understanding and logic. This can be done by playing with different shapes in the corresponding holes or by playing games that allow the child to recognise numbers and letters.

The books

As far as books are concerned, there are many with sound mechanisms. This helps to attract the child's attention and stimulate his or her sense of hearing and understanding.

There are also books with 3D shapes inside of animals or constructions, which is very popular with children.

The story boxes

Regarding the story boxesIn addition to the above, they mainly take the form of cubes, plush toys or boxes that tell stories to children in order to captivate them and sometimes put them to sleep.

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