What are the best brands of baby toys?

Written by Adelyne

Children are notorious for quickly getting bored of their toys and always looking for something new to play with. As a parent, it can be difficult to choose the right toy for your child, it must be done according to agebut also, depending on the quality and brand.

Indeed, with the huge number of toys available today, it can be difficult to make a choice. That's why it's important to get the facts before buying toys and accessories for your baby, and that's what this article is about!

Oxybul toys

Among the different brands of baby toys that exist, we have the Oxybul brand. The toys of this brand correspond to the children aged 2 to 12 yearsand are classified by age group. In addition, the Oxybul brand toys are classified by category:

  • Early learning toys ;
  • Outdoor toys ;
  • The different educational games;
  • Board games;
  • The books.

Chicco toys

Chicco toys are among the best known in the world. In fact, in addition to manufacturing all the accessories and products that concern babies and children, this brand has also touched on a sensitive point which is the physical and mental development.

Throughout their growth and until they reach a certain age, the Chicco brand will accompany your children by offering them bath toys, play mats and cushions, musical toys and construction toys.

Djeco birth toys

There are different brands of toys for babies and toddlers, such as the brand Djeco. The toys of this brand are designed to awaken the baby's sensesThis includes gentle stimulation, allowing the child to become aware of the world around them.

Among the most popular Djeco toys, we have the colourful rattle, the nesting games or the magnetic play boxes.

Fisher-Price brand toys

The Fisher-Price toy brand is well known for its effectiveness and role in the infant development and small children. The games of this brand take up a little space in contrast to other games, but this is quite normal.

Indeed, the Fisher-Price toys contribute strongly to the child's imaginary development, in addition to physical development. One of the advantages of these games is that they are all quite attractive colours and shapes for the child, which allows him/her to become attached to them.

VTech toys

The VTech toy brand is specially designed for babies and toddlers. It is not only very educational, but also allows children to interact with each other and play safely.

VTech offers several types of productsThese include mobile and musical nightlights to soothe babies, rattles and soft toys to stimulate attention, and musical books to develop the senses.

Janod toys

The Janod toy brand is one of the best in France. It offers biodegradable wooden and cardboard toys for children aged 10 months to 12 years.

These toys come in different forms depending on the age group. If you have a baby, it would be better to choose early learning toys such as musical toys or stacking blocks and pyramids. If, however, the toy is intended for an older child, it is better to choose puzzles, outdoor toys or creative games.

You now know more about the different brands of baby toysWhat are you waiting for to make your little one happy?

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