What kind of toys to give a baby?

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Toys are part of a child's life from birth to age 12 on average.

In addition, you should know that each stage of a child's development has special games according to the spirit and the body of the latter. For example, a six-month-old baby should not be given the same toys as a two-year-old.

Early learning toys play a very important role in the development of the child's senses and even in the development of his mind and intelligence.

What toys should I give my baby at birth? What is the importance of musical learning toys ? Answers in this article.

The early learning toy at birth

From birth to two months, the baby undergoes several changes, whether sensory, physical or otherwise. It develops rapidly and the early learning toys are part of this stage sensitive and crucial development. Therefore, these developmental toys must meet certain standards.

Here are the toys you should give your baby at birth from birth :

  • a toy made of soft material and respecting safety standards so as not to hurt the child;

  • toys that stimulate the baby's creativity;

  • a toy that helps the baby to make movements;

  • A toy that allows children to discover their senses.

Be aware that the baby should not be given too many toys at this stage and should only be given them for several hours during the day.

Early learning toy at 3 months

At the age of three months, the baby begins to discover more and more and to make more movements. It therefore needs three-month-old developmental toys that motivate them to be more active and move more. From the age of three months, babies should be given accessible and easy-to-handle toys.

For example, you can give your child fabric books as they are rich in colours and pictures of different shapes. They help the child to improve his or her vision by distinguishing the different colours of the images.

The fabric book is also foldable and flexible, allowing the child to manipulate it easily and make movements.

There are also the awakening pianos which are the best way for the baby to discover the senses and to work on hearing. They are compact and very cute pianos that meet safety standards. So you don't have to worry about your child's safety.

You can buy the fabric playpens from 25 eurosThey are available in shops as well as on various sales sites.

Early learning toy at 6 months

During the 6e months, the child undergoes physical changes, including the appearance of teeth. During this stage, the baby is also more social and interacts more with the family.

Teething cuddly toys are six-month-old developmental toys ideal to give to your baby during this period. These toys are soft, but have rubber tips. They soothe the child's need to chew. during this painful teething phase.

Early learning toy at 9 months

During this period, the child can move easily and his or her senses are well developed, especially sight.

Among the toys for children from 9 months The most important materials to be made available to the child are the musical books. These allow the child to to use all their sensesThe child can turn pages, learn shapes, numbers, words, etc.

Early years toy to 12 months

At this stage, the child should learning to eat by yourself.

The toys from 12 months that you should give him first are the plastic plates and spoons!

This is also the period when he starts to play with Lego as well as with small plastic carsSo be careful that he doesn't swallow them.

Early years toy at 2 years

At the age of two, your child will have discovered all its sensesThe only thing left to do is to let him empty his forces and release his energy as he wishes at home, while respecting security measures of course.

The essential early learning toys from the age of two are the small plastic trucks and riding horses that he can drive. He should also be given toys that allow him to use his mind, such as puzzles.

Baby's musical toy

Music and songs for children accompagnent le bébé dès sa naissance. Many studies state that music is important in the development of a child.

Music helps to calm the child and free the mind. It also encourages the baby to use their different sensesThese include hearing, movement, etc.

The musical toys that you can give your child are many. Depending on ageYou can give them music boxes, music tables, etc.

Montessori learning toy

The Montessori learning toys are a wide range adapted to all age groups of children. These are toys that work on the child's intelligence and are usually accompanied by an explanatory book that shows you how to optimise the use of the toy.

Most of these toys are boxes with pictures, letters, puzzles and the like, in order to improve children's learning.

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