What are the different Montessori learning toys?

Written by Adelyne

Early learning toys are toys designed for babies, which you can introduce to them from their first months in order to arouse their curiosity and awaken their senses. They are easy to handle and safe.

The most common games are Montessori learning games. However, what is special about these toys? This is what we will see in this article.

Montessori education

This pedagogy is named after the Italian doctor who developed it, Maria Montessori. After much research and study, she developed a technique for better support for children to make them responsible, confident and above all balanced adults.

To do this, Maria Montessori advocates taking into account the personality of children, as well as their life rhythms, but also respecting them as adults.

Montessori education is adapted to the different phases of child development. The most important is the first six years of life. This is the period when the child's mind is absorbing, hence the importance of the parents' role in supporting them during this period.

This pedagogy favours the child's awakening, but also his autonomy, notably thanks to early learning toys that can be used from birthThis is done by setting up an environment based on material, physical and social elements. It is also important to let the child choose an activity in a list, so as to meet the requirements of the different phases of its development.

The advantage of using the Montessori pedagogy with children

The use of this method offers many advantagesIt helps to develop the child's fine motor skills and coordination, as well as language and writing skills.

Early learning games help children to develop the concept of collaboration and mutual support, as well as discipline and independence, through activities that they can do using their own abilities.

By doing activities alone, the child develop a sense of responsibility and gains confidence, especially when treated as a whole person and respected as an adult.

Another advantage of Montessori education is that it helps to develop the creative mind, as artistic activities are an important part of this education.

There are many other benefits to using this method in child rearing, including

  • Stimulation of concentration ;
  • Developing critical thinking skills ;
  • A better social integration ;
  • Good adaptation skills.

Montessori learning toys

Early learning toys Montessori are classified into different categories according to their usefulness.

Games used to develop fine motor skills

Some early learning games involve placing specific pieces in the corresponding counter platforms. This helps to development of fine motor skills.

Stacking games

Some stacking games, which are slightly more complex, encourage the development of the essential motor skills as the action of squeezing, releasing and pulling.

Imitation and symbolic games

Games such as the train or car track, the toolbox and dolls' houses belong to this category of games. They help children to develop their creativity, but also their ability to resolve conflicts individually or through teamwork.

Musical instruments

The musical instruments promote the development of auditory faculties as well as the creative spirit by composing melodies of his own.

Construction games

This type of game helps to discover the principles of physics and to strengthen spatial vision.

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