What are the best toys you can give your baby from birth?

Written by Adelyne

You may think that your child doesn't need toys until they are one or two years old. Think again, this is not true ! You can give your baby toys from the first month of life, just choose them carefully.

From the first months, children need toys that help and encourage them to use their senses in order to promote its development. This is why educational toys should be preferred.

Discover the best toys you can give your child, from birth.

Why should you give your newborn a soft toy?

The plush accompanies the child from birth to At the age of four years or older. It is a toy made of cotton.

Of course, you will find stuffed animals of different shapes and colours, including animals such as bears, hearts, stars, and sometimes even Disney characters.

During the first month of the baby's life, you should give him a small, light stuffed animal so that he can handle it easily and sleep with it too.

You will find on the market of activity plush. These are plush toys with little teething toys attached, ball rings, etc.

There are also educational stuffed animals that have integrated educational games. These cuddly toys help babies develop their senses.

The educational plush is characterised by :

  • She plays songs by touching her: this allows the child to use the sense of hearing;

  • it enables the child to learn the numbers from 1 to 10;

  • it allows the child to learn the first letters of the alphabet.

The baby's imaginary book: an essential early-learning toy

The picture book or imagier is a learning toy very important. It consists of a ring to which canvas pictures of different colours and shapes are attached. Just like the plush toy, it is a that accompanies the child everywhere. You can attach it to the cradle or even to the pram.

In addition, this game allows the child to use its senses. It is made up of different coloured pictures that allow the child to discover and recognise colours from its first months.

The activity caterpillars and the early learning piano: classics

The activity caterpillar is a fabric caterpillar with cotton inside. The caterpillar's body is usually divided into 5 or 6 parts, each of which has a distinct colour and design. The caterpillar also allows the child to do activities and use their different sensesThis includes the sense of touch.

On the other hand, the baby piano is a musical toy made of fabric. It also allows the child to to use all their senses. The piano keys light up when touched, allowing the child to connect the sense of touch and sight.

In addition, the awakening piano plays different types of melodiesincluding animal sounds, children's sounds, etc.

The activities of the play mat

The play mat is a small square or round mat which is comfortable and thick and on which you can put your baby on his tummy or back after putting him on the floor. It is usually made up of different colours and shapes, so you can put your child on it and let them have fun and discover the different colours and use your sense of sight.

The playmat is light and very practical, you can take it anywhere and wash it in the washing machine without the risk of damaging it. If you are feeling creative, you can make your own make a play mat for your child, all you need are fabrics, colours and cotton.

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