Which learning toy should I choose for my 9-month-old baby?

Written by Adelyne

A baby is sensitive to the senses from birth. However, manipulation can also help them to better discover and learn. In this case, you can offer your child an early learning toy to accompany their discoveries and explorations.

For a 9-month-old babyA play toy can provide an emotional level and harmonious growth. However, it is necessary to offer him toys of awakening adapted and varied at the same time. Early learning toys at 9 months are real activities to meet a baby's need for movement and exploration.

Age-appropriate learning toys

The early learning toys are used to correlate a child's developmental abilities. Nevertheless, it is important to choose one that is suitable for to the age of the latter. This allows us to accompany his discoveries and to respond to his needs for exploration.

Early learning toy suitable for a newborn baby

A baby can be very much in demand from birth. You can choose to use words and caresses as Early learning toys.

Soft music from a game or music box will be appreciated by a newborn baby.

Early learning toy suitable for a 6 month old baby

It is advisable to secure the environment of your six-month-old baby with a cushion when learning to sit up.

To do this, it is necessary to propose a six month old play toy in several positions, sitting and lying down.

Early learning toy suitable for a baby between 6 months and 1 year

For a child whose age is between 6 months and 1 yearyou can offer him:

  • teething rings;
  • small balls ;
  • foam books.

In short, whatever your baby's age, a learning toy allows you to encourage a child's movements and to boost its discovery.

What kind of toys should I choose for my 9-month-old baby?

Babies develop needs in each growth phase. The 9-month awakening games are therefore useful to meet the needs of awakening and stimulation of a child of this age.

Teething toy with balls

This is a 9 month old learning toy that allows a baby to have fun while relieving his gums.

This toy is suitable for a child of 9 months due to its ease of use, design and shape.

Stacking tower toy

9-month-old babies can have fun with a stackable tower set. This allows a 9-month-old baby to relax in complete safety and serenity.

Shaped toys

The different shapes are an early learning game for children from the age of six months. It is a toy that can entertain children from nine months of age.

Toy guitar lawyer

Soft music allows several sensations to be awakened in a 9-month-old baby. Therefore, a lawyer's guitar is a perfect toy to keep them entertained.

The 9 month old developmental toys are available in a variety of shapes and colours to suit the needs of the child. discovery needs of each child.

What is the importance of early learning play at 9 months?

The baby may experience a true simulation of the senses from birth. An early learning game will then contribute considerably to the senses, to the discovery of textures, colours and the environment of a 9-month-old baby.

Whether fine or gross motor skills are involved, they are developed and improved through early learning games. The coordination of gestures and precision are important activities that can be stimulated through actions, such as embedding, touching, grabbing, etc.

It is through early learning games that a child can perform these actions. It allows him to use his body and to develop their sense of balance.

Finally, early learning games are very beneficial, especially for a baby's intellectual growth and development. Seeing the cubes, falling, stacking them, and starting all over again to understand the results, these simple activities allow the child to develop logic and imagination using his gestures.

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