What is a jungle gym mat and what do parents think?

Written by Adelyne

Ensure the good development of her baby and the priority of all parents. In addition to playing with them, talking to them and communicating with them constantly, it is important that they learn to to develop and stimulate their abilities and their meanings.

To do this, several toys are available to the baby, such as the jungle play mat.

What is a jungle gym mat and what do parents think of this accessory? Answer in our article.

The mat and its different models

A mat for baby represents a carpet round or rectangular shapeIt is made of fabric, filled with colors and equipped with a multitude of small toys hanging on the cross arches.

The play mat weighs almost 2 kg and works with batteriesdepending on the model. There are different types of mats, namely :

As for the jungle play mat for example, there are many models on the market. However, if you are still unsure about the age at which you can buy a play matThere is something for every age, from birth to adulthood. At the age of 3 or 4 years.

The baby can, therefore, use this mat in different ways, namely lying on his back for infants, lying on his stomach when he is older, or sitting.

Regardless of its position, the jungle style playmat will keep your baby busy for hours with its many animals suspended or placed on the ground that emit different sounds (up to 20 minutes in a row) or by changing the color of the lights placed around the carpet.

The carpet also contains noise zones that emit melodies and different animal or nature sounds, allowing the child to become familiar with this wild environment as soon as he presses it.

Parents' opinion on the jungle play mats

Many parents are looking to purchase playmats for their children to help them in their sensory and emotional development. After buying and using the jungle play mat, and according to the different opinions collected, we can say that the vast majority of parents are very satisfied with this kind of carpet.

Indeed, many of them attest that this carpet is very sensitive to the movements of babies, which allows to emit sounds and colors in an immediate wayThis easily attracts your baby's attention, prompting him to move his arms and legs to interact with the toys.
Several parents also attest that this type of carpet has not only allowed to entertain their little onesbut also acts on the development of their auditory and visual senses, or their motor skills thanks to the soft and silky touch of the fabric, but also thanks to the various mobile and static toys spread all over the carpet and the arches.

These toys can also be detached, causing the child to to grasp easily with his own hands.

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