Which walking wagon to buy for early learning and play?

Written by Adelyne

Being a parent is a delightful adventure where we always want to be the best. Our children do not only require love, but also attention, comfort and, above all, guidance.

The geniuses of tomorrow are the stimulated babies of today, which is why many moms opt for early learning and play toys like the walking cart.

In this article, you will find the best models of walking carts as well as addresses to entertain your child, without alarming your banker.

The multi-activity cart from Janod

Janod is a great brand that offers you a whole arsenal of games for babies to stimulate their curiosity and help them to discover the world, while having fun.

You can teach your child math, colors and shapes while walking or, better yet, while giving him his bath.

The Sweet Cocoon multi-activity cart includes nine activities including a shape box, a xylophone, an abacus, a gear and a magnifying mirror.

This model stands out from its competitors thanks to :

  • Its felt carpet;
  • Its silent wheels will prevent you from headaches;
  • Its adjustable brakes will easily adapt to your child's progress;
  • The variety of activities offered;
  • Its power to develop fine motor skills in children;
  • Its design and beauty.

This toy costs on average 69 euros and you can easily find it on websites specialized in the sale of children's entertainment, such as Oxybule and Bonhomme En Bois.

It is recommended to use it from the age of one to three years and to introduce the different games little by little. This way, you will be sure that your baby has assimilated the concepts and is not just imitating you.

Learn the names of animals while walking with Moulin Roty

What always attracts children is a toy with beautiful colors. Moulin Roty has understood this and offers you walking carts with different animals for themes.

Every child has a fixation on an animal at some stage of his or her life, which is why Moulin Roty carts all have beautiful shapes and funny drawings.

Even the fiercest and wildest animals are depicted with fun paintings to enhance your toddler's room and toy collection.

The best part about this cart is that it has a box big enough for your little one to walk around with his favorite toys and stuffed animals.

This is a great way to develop its fine motor skills and to transmit to him the values of sharing and friendship. He will feel like he is sharing his cart with his toys, or better yet, with his siblings, and will experience a sense of fulfillment.

Moulin Roty costs a little more and it will be necessary count in the 100 euros for a play cart. You can easily find the different models on Wooden Man.

Opting for a walking wagon will help you in the awakening and education of your little ones, so what are you waiting for?

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