Why and how to choose the best playmat for your little boy?

Written by Adelyne

Your child will soon come into the world and you're already starting to prepare for its arrival. Buy all the accessories, car seats, strollers, cots and baby carriages has become your priority nowbut in addition to these necessities, it is also important to think about the well-being and sensory development of your child.

To do this, why not opt for a playmat, which is not only available in different themes, but also, which will allow to entertain your child and occupy him sometimes for hours.

Why buy a playmat?

A baby's play mat presents itself under different shapes and sizesThe arches are either fixed or removable. There are even some models that are foldable on the edgesthus forming a nice cabin for your baby. This kind of carpet is usually rich in colors and accessories.

The mat is the ideal gift for your babyWhether it is a newborn or a few months or years old.

Lying on this carpet, the baby will be able to enjoy softness and comfort of the carpet. As he grows, he will learn to react to the sounds emitted by the multiple accessories hung on the arches of the carpet, or emitted by the different areas of the carpet.

The baby will also learn to familiarize himself with the world around him and his environmentThe first step is to recognize his hands and feet.

The playmat will then allow the baby to use his hands to grab, manipulate or chew the toys placed on the arch or on the floor of the mat. This will awaken the child's motor skillsThe child is allowed to lie on his stomach or to sit up little by little, wanting to discover what is around him.

The mat also allows to develop and stimulate the baby's cognitive sensesThese include vision, motor skills and hearing.

If it is rich in accessories and toys, the baby can the lift and handler These are easy to use, especially if they are in the form of :

  • of rattles ;
  • of sewn fabric pieces;
  • teething rings;
  • of mirrors.

How to choose the best playmat for your little boy?

Before you go ahead and buy a awakening mat for his little boyIt is important to take a few things into account. Indeed, there are different models on the market, such as play mat for little girls, the musical awakening matsor folding carpets, the evolutionary play mats.

Therefore, in order to choose the ideal carpet for your little boy, it is important to pay attention to its size. Indeed, if you want the carpet to be suitable for baby for at least the first two years of his life, it is important to choose a rather large model, XXL style. Please also make sure to pay attention to standards. In fact, your carpet should ideally be CE marked, to ensure its safety.

Finally, be sure to prioritize the comfort of your little boy, by choosing a thick carpet, with a fabric soft and easily cleaned and washed.

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