How to choose the best evolutionary mat for your child?

Written by Adelyne

The evolutionary mat, soft, multicolored and secure, is a real fun friend for your baby. The latter will be able to discover the pleasure of turning on himself, to put the glance on his objects and learning to walk ! You can now enjoy his laughter and the good family memories that come with it.

However, how do you know if your baby is at the right age for power enjoy the games on land ? To learn more about this type of carpet, we suggest you follow us through this article.

The best developmental mats

What is an evolving playmat?

The evolutionary mat has the particularity of giving your baby the chance to to know and discover the world that surrounds itThis type of play allows him to better master his psychomotor skills. This type of play allows him to better master his psychomotor skills.

It is composed of several rooms that can be modulated according to your baby's growth. It thus makes it possible to follow the various stages of its evolution and its principal attitudes (posture on the back, flat on the stomach, etc).

The multi-functional, adjustable arch-shaped mat is designed for older babies between 0 and 36 months. This great play area is a must for all the little ones and their parents.

Thanks to this large carpet, the baby can evolve and go from newborn to dynamic toddler. In fact, the model can be used as an ordinary didactic carpet, and also as a garden for playing (after installation of the partitions) as well as a pool for balls.

With regard to the mat for babiesyou can attach or detach it easily in a few minutes, as it is small and simple enough to fold up for safekeeping during travel.

It is recommended to take precautions, as the flexible rod is made of elastic material.

What are the criteria for choosing a playmat?

There are multiple types of playmats, such as the musical carpetthe evolutionary carpet, the jungle carpet, etc.

However, when you purchase, you must pay attention to some essential criteria which we quote below.

The concept of safety at the carpet level

If the safety of your children is a priority, check before purchasing a play mat that it has the CE logo. This label embodies the manufacturer's commitment to the compliance of the equipment with normy established by the European decree.

A pleasant play mat

During the first six monthsThe infant lies on the mat and then sits up.

Since he spends a lot of time playing and looking at his surroundings, it is essential to that its comfort is guaranteed.

To stimulate your child's senses

The baby's vision, contact and hearing will be able to to be solicited on the mat. The colors of the carpet can be admired by the children.

Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you prefer bright colors that are much more noticeable to your child, or softer colors that blend perfectly to the decoration of the room.

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