Baby carrier : How to choose it ?

Written by Caroline

"The baby carrier is the perfect accessory for carrying a baby easily while having him or her by your side."

Moreover, many parents are fans of this equipment because it is extremely practical to have for everyday life and it contributes at the same time to develop a strong bond with the little one. The latter is in contact with his parents and he will feel more reassured to know they are close to him. As for the parents, they will be able to share a moment of complicity with their little one while having their hands free to go about their various occupations. 

So how do you choose the perfect baby carrier? Here are some tips to help you in your purchase. 

How old is the baby?

baby carrier choose age

In order to choose a baby carrier, you must first take into account your age

For this reason, during the first three months, the baby should be in the fetal position and held against his parents. Therefore, it is preferable to choose a hammock or banana size. With these two models of baby carrier, the little one will feel safe and will be well positioned. After three months, the belly or kangaroo baby carrier option is interesting. Here, the little one is carried in front of his parents and facing them. Moreover, it is good to note that it is essential for him because he cannot yet hold his back and neck. That said, from 9 months onwards, belly and back positions are allowed as the little one is able to sit up by himself. The ideal is to choose an evolving model to be able to change the positions according to the age of the little one. 

An ergonomic baby carrier is also available for toddlers. You will find them right here on this site.

Choose a physiological baby carrier

This model allows the child to be leaning on his buttocks and his back is rounded. He also has his legs spread and his knees raised above his hips. 

Overall, it adopts the posture of the frog and the interest of opting for this type of carrying is that the little one will keep the natural curvature of its spine. Moreover, his back will be perfectly maintained. 

It is not advisable to turn to the front carrying position, because this posture is not physiological and the baby may be disturbed by the lack of eye contact with his parents.

How often do you plan to use the baby carrier?

baby door choose frequency

It is important to focus on this aspect, because the choice of the baby carrier will depend on its use. 

For example, if you plan to use this accessory for short outings or for long walks, practicality will have to be at the rendezvous and for that, it is better to choose a model that is simple and quick to put on. The clip-on or strap-on model will do the job perfectly. However, if your child is able to sit up and is rather restless, it is advisable to choose a baby carrier. This way, the accessory will be positioned on his hip and this will allow you to to calm your little one during travel. Finally, for a long carry, it is recommended to buy an ultra-comfortable model to promote the comfort of the child and yours during several hours. 

Some even have a sun visor and pockets. 

What do we think of the sling?

The sling is another possibility that many parents select to carry their babies. 

Here, it is a large strip of fabric that can be tied and that makes it possible to carry the child on the stomach, on the back or on the side. The sling can be used from birth to about 3 years old. Moreover, its two main assets are ergonomics and comfort. 

Nevertheless, it is less obvious to install, since it is necessary to take the hand to make the knots and to position the small. It is also a birth gift interesting to offer. 

In short...  

As you will have understood, carrying is an important thing to be able to transport your child with more ease of use.  

However, even if its practicality allows you to have your hands free and continue your various activities, it is good to note that babywearing is particularly beneficial for the good development of the child. Moreover, it allows you to create a powerful link with him.  

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