5 gift ideas to calm your hyperactive child

Written by Caroline

Are you having trouble channeling your hyperactive child's energy? Have you run out of things to do every day that will keep them calm for even an hour or two? If you're short on inspiration, here are some of the most useful things you can do with your child and what to give them.

A locking board

The lock board available on pages like these is especially useful for young children who already have hyperactivity disorders. This wooden activity board has several advantages over plastic or electronic toys, the first of which is that it is environmentally friendly and made of a healthy, hypoallergenic material for the little ones.

Thanks to its small size, your little ones will travel with it everywhere. They will just have to slip the board in their schoolbag and that's it. This toy tells different stories according to the themes chosen by the brand: car-motorcycle, house with little characters, magic, sports, animals... What is sure, is that there is enough to hold your love's attention for a long time. The apple of your eye will play this Montessori inspired activity board without pressure and won't even notice the time passing.

A USB key

This item is among the best gift options for hyperactive children. Why? Because they can save their video games, audio files, movies, pictures, e-books... in short, anything that can keep them busy. The USB key will also serve them in their studies outside their leisure time.

In fact, there are some specially designed for young people in the shape of a Disney elephant, a lizard, a turtle, a heart, a teddy bear, famous characters such as Harry Potter or Groot... you will find them in an infinite number of models. And who knows, maybe mom and dad will fall in love with these original and playful designs of all colors and order some for themselves.

A gamer mouse pad

The gamer mouse pad is one of the most sought after accessories for parents today. Easy to customize, it is available in many shapes, colors, materials and sizes. This accessory is very useful during your kids' and teens' gaming sessions, especially if you just bought them a great high-end gamer mouse. It still needs a suitable mat where it will slide easily.

The latter optimizes the player's performance in each game. Designed with a special fabric, it is comfortable to use. Brands have no problem personalizing the accessory with the owner's name, a calendar, his photo or even a print of his favorite game characters. Plus, it's always good to have at least two, in case you send one to the wash. Mouse pads are generally easy to maintain.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones

As technology gifts are on the rise, many moms and dads are choosing to give a pair of personalized wireless headphones to their hyperactive kids, ages 12 and up.

This allows them to listen to music, especially relaxing to calm themselves in their moments of agitation while they run, travel on public transport or in bed before sleeping without disturbing anyone. This can be melodies, but also movies to watch on their phones or relaxing audio files. The earpods also give the possibility to make a call or a video conference in complete freedom and in the right conditions.

A gamer headset

The time when your toddlers played with Fisher-Price toys is over? Since then, they've grown up and it's all new to you? Compared to the practical, sophisticated or playful gifts, the technological ones are still up to date. Gamer headphones are among the best. This audio device allows you to nuance the sounds during an online or offline game. It is the joy of the gamer looking for a complete immersion in the games.

During these sessions, the device allows your children to communicate with other participants and immerse them totally in this virtual universe where the hours will stop for them as for you. You will enjoy a little quiet time while they get out of there. That said, be careful that they don't spend more than two hours a day in the virtual world, or they may become addicted.

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