Why avoid ephemeral tattoos for children?

Written by Adelyne

The ephemeral tattoos are a temporary solution for children who want a tattoo, but there are a few reasons why they should avoid this option. Ephemeral tattoos can cause allergies or infections. In addition, they can be difficult to remove and can leave marks.

Ephemeral tattoos are not a good choice for children because they can be difficult to remove and can cause irritation and allergies.

Ephemeral tattoos for children : why avoid ?

There are several reasons why parents should avoid getting ephemeral tattoos on their children:

  • These tattoos can be harmful to children's skin, as they often contain harmful chemicals.
  • Ephemeral tattoos can be difficult to remove, which can lead to skin irritation.
  • They can cause delayed allergies because they contain paraphenylene (PPD).

Ephemeral tattoos are not a safe or recommended way to brand a child. Parents should therefore avoid tattooing their children with ephemeral tattoos.easy to remove than ephemeral tattoos.

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