What is the advantage of choosing a folding playmat?

Written by Adelyne

From the very first months of a baby's life, early learning toys allow him to him provide all necessary means to better discover their surroundings and develop their senses.

For this reason, parents should opt for the following toys during this period specially designed for this purpose. These are early learning toys, including the various types of early learning mat.

What is a play mat?

It is a carpet stored on the ground The play mat is a place to play in a room or in the garden, serving as an exclusive space for the baby. The play mat allows the child to carry out various activities and games, with the aim of to better develop their senses.

Safe, comfortable, colourful and patterned, and offering a variety of games, the playmat is the baby's favourite place to play. It is often used as a lying on your back until it is six months old. After that, they can do all their movements in it once they are fit.

There are several types and models of play mats, including :

  • Early learning mats designed according to the baby's gender (girl's play mat or boy) ;
  • Early learning mats designed according to specific motifs (water, jungle, etc.);
  • Playmats according to size (large or small, XXL playmat ...);
  • play mats according to the design material (foam, fabric, etc.);
  • evolving play mats,
  • musical play mats,
  • folding play mats, etc.

What are the characteristics of a folding playmat?

In addition to offering all the necessary functionality of a baby's play matThe folding mat, available in various sizes, offers the easy to store and move.

In general, these mats are foldable to a size of 90/40/15 cm. With a design that is perfectly suited to folding, the foldable play mat is less cumbersome and allows parents to put it away quite easily. When you need to place it, to allow your baby to benefit from it, you simply unfold it, a real child's play!

The advantage of the foldable play mat is that it can be carried in the boot of the car or even in his hands. This happens when you want your baby to enjoy a trip to the park, the beach or the garden.

What are the advantages of a folding playmat?

The folding play mat therefore offers a of benefits, to know:

  • easy storage;
  • is space-saving when not in use;
  • the possibility of carrying it with you to various places (beach, garden, park, etc.), etc.

More often, folding mats are either equipped with a handle or sold with a a storage bag included. In both cases, it is convenient to take it everywhere comfortably.

What is the price of a folding playmat?

Foldable play mats are designed under various models and types. The difference lies in the material used for its design, the thickness, the functionality, the patterns and the colours. on the price of the carpet.

As far as prices are concerned, the cost of a folding playmat can range from 40 euros for those classified as basic, to over 100 euros for those with comprehensive, high-end features.

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