What is the advantage of a baby mat for my daughter?

Written by Adelyne

If you are expecting a baby, you should know that clothes, a cot and other equipment are not the only things you need to bring for your little one. In fact, toys and educational equipment accompany the child from birth. They help the developing baby to use all his senses. The play mat or activity mat is the best example of such equipment !

It is a comfortable mat specially designed for the well-being and mental development of the child.

If you have a daughter, you will find in our article tips for choosing play mats that are adapted to it.

What is a play mat?

A play mat is a kind of small round or square mattress filled with cotton inside. It is a very comfortable mat on which you can lay your baby from the first months.

The baby's play mat are equipped with a table at the top on which toys and shapes of different sizes and colours are attached. They are foldable or removable mats, light and easy to handle and you can take them everywhere with you. They are also machine washable.

Baby mats for girls, like most toys for girls, are usually available in light or dark pink. They are also decorated with typically feminine motifsincluding unicorns, Minnie Mouse, Barbie, etc.

In addition, they are usually equipped with plush toys for girls, especially dolls, butterflies, starsetc.

What is the advantage of a baby mat for my daughter?

The activity mat is as a mobile cradle which allows you to put your baby in front of you anywhere in the house. It is also a mat on which you can put your daughter on her back to it faces the board to which the toys are attached. This is the main purpose of the mat; to allow your daughter to use all her senses by observing the toys attached to the board.

The The advantages of the play mat are numerousincluding :

  • Allow your daughter to discover the different forms of animals;

  • Stimulate your sense of sight by observing colours;

  • to allow the baby to use his sense of hearing thanks to the stimulation mats equipped with musical boards.

The play mat keeps the baby busy while he is on it. It's also a good tip for that the baby falls asleep easily.

How to choose a baby mat suitable for your daughter?

Your child will be able to spend a lot of time on the mat, so it is important to be comfortable and thick. Thickness is particularly important during the cold seasons, especially as the carpet is usually laid on the floor.

Your baby will also learn to roll on the back and stomach on this carpet, the comfort of the carpet is therefore an important factor.

It is also important to choose a mat that allows your daughter to to use all their senses. The musical learning mats are a good model, they play music and different sounds that allow the child to use his or her hearing as well as its other senses.

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