What is the use of early learning books for babies?

Written by Adelyne

Children develop their senses, imagination and intelligence from birth. To help your child grow up in the best possible conditions, you should give it some educational toys that allow him to be more active and to use all his senses.

Early learning books are very important for a child from birth. These are colourful books that you will find everywhere and that contain many pictures and illustrations that allow the child to enter the world of children. in a small imaginary world.

Why give your baby an early learning book?

Early learning books are the best way for the baby to make new discoveries. learning and awareness-raising activities very important for its development. Early learning books are a kind of educational game that you can give to your child from the very first months. They have many advantages for the baby.

These are books that allow a child to to use all their senses from an early age, as well as to use their sense of touch when closing and opening the book.

It also allows you to stimulate the baby's sight by looking at the different colours of the book images.

When you hold your baby to read a story from the book or simply to read words or animal names, you also allow it touse your hearing.

It is important to know that the children's book also allows them to create their own imagination and to connect what they see in the book with what they see in reality.

You will find different models of early learning books on the market that differ depending on the material of manufacture and content. You will find in particular :

  • early learning books made of fabric ;

  • plastic bath time books ;

  • cartoon albums;

  • storybooks ;

  • music books.

Early learning books are not the only useful toys for babies. The activity tablesLearning cubes are equally important.

Early learning books made of fabric

The fabric learning books are perfect for babies. They are soft, supple, light and easy for the baby to handle. There are various forms, including scratch books, folded books, etc.

You can hang the fabric play book on the cradle or pram. It is handy to take with you wherever you go.

These books are usually equipped with cute little animals that allow the child to discover different shapes according to the theme of the book.

How do I use the early learning book?

There is no one way d'using a learning book. You can give it to the child to handle on their own, this encourages them to make an effort to open and close the book. This is also useful to encourage the child to use the sense of touch.

You can also hold your baby and point to the pictures in the book and name them. This helps the baby to follow your finger, so use his or her sense of direction. of sight and hearing at the same time.

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