What early learning activities should your baby explore?

Written by Adelyne

The first months of a child's life, and until the age of twoThese are a very important time to activate the child's abilities and develop intelligence.

Early learning toys allow the child to from practice various activities allowing him to develop his senses, to establish the relationship between them, as well as to develop his mind.

There are various activities to introduce your baby to through educational learning books, baby activity tables, etc.

What early learning activities should your child explore ?

The walking trolley for learning and playing

A walking trolley is a small toy usually made of wood. It is very useful for your baby learns to walk. Once your child starts to stand up, you can give them this walking trolley.

It is about half the size of your child and is equipped with castors. Your child will lean on this trolley and push it to walk.

You can adjust the speed of the trolley to your child's pace, allowing them to push safely. The face of the walking trolley is decorated with games including interlocking shapes, gears, etc. In addition to learning to walk, the trolley allows the baby to to do many activities.

The walking carts cost approximately 40 euros and are available from various retail outlets.

The baby book

There are different models of early learning books for babiesdifferent according to the content and the material of the book. You will find both cloth and paper books and the content also varies between music, stories, animal pictures, etc.

For babies, it is best to focus on cloth booksIt is flexible and therefore more secure for the child.

The advantages of these books are :

  • Early learning books are very important for developing a child's intelligence and senses;

  • they are full of colours and pictures which allow the child to distinguish different colours and shapes.

Bath time learning games

The bath time learning games allow the baby to have fun while taking a bath. Especially if your child cries during this activity, this is the best way to distract him.

There are many bath toys, including bath sprinklers. These are small plastic toys in different colours that take up a lot of space. the shape of different animals.

There are also plastic bath robots. The child pours water into the head of the robot and then the water falls all over the body of the robot, which is a fun game that allows the child to understanding the movement of water.

Activity cubes

On the market you will find different models of learning cubes. They differ in size and material (plastic, fabric, etc.).

Of course, just like the early learning books, the awakening cubes made of fabric are to be preferred when the child is young.

The learning cubes include several activities that allow the child to to use all their senses. These include :

  • hide and seek ;
  • the puzzle ;
  • music, etc.

Activity table

The activity tables are of small multicoloured plastic tables. They are equipped with many games.

You will find activity tables with small animals and attractive shapes that allow the child to play different gamesSome activity tables are equipped with a piano that the child can tap on. Other activity tables are equipped with a piano on which the child can tap to compose music. This type of table is very useful for the baby to develop his mind and to connect his different senses.

Baby cushion

The baby cushions are of small cushions with different animal shapes that you should give to your baby from birth. They have small toys attached to the sides.

There are other cushions that transmit music and vibrations when touched.

These are cushions that you can wash them without damaging them.

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