What is the best Fisher-Price toy?

Written by Adelyne

With educational toys, children can have good motor skills and learn to recognize numbers, shapes, colors and letters.

In the field of early learning toys, the Fisher-Price brand has many years of experience: it offers a wide range of products, including games that can be used from the first months of the baby, but also products intended to accompany him during his childhood.

Whether it is on carpets or Fisher-Price educational boardsThere are many possibilities for stimulation. To learn more, follow us!

Fisher-Price: toys for every age group

The toy selection is an important part of your baby's well-being. Toys are not only to please your little one, but also to allow him to progress and build up physically, emotionally and intellectually.

With the Fisher-Price manufacturer's instructions for each toy, you'll have an idea of what learning activities are possible right away.

The brand of baby toys Fisher-Price offers a range of toys for children up to 3 years old.

The company was founded by Herman Fisher, his wife Margaret, Irving Price and Helen Schelle in the 1930s to develop and manufacture a line of fun, sturdy and clever toys.

Fisher-Price was the first company to set up a play lab, allowing toys to be tested. Its direct competitor is the VTech toys.

Fisher-Price toys will allow you to fulfill all your desiress of children. If you want to buy classic games, the modern and timeless look of the shooting machine or the rainbow pyramid will do the trick.

The design of Fisher-Price toys presents a reassuring aspectusually inspired by animals.

The first Fisher-Price toy: the famous pull phone

Intended for teaching oral communication The Fisher-Price telephone, with its rotary dial, has been around for generations. Today, it remains just as adorable with its revolving eyes, laughing mouth and funny nose. This pull-along toy is ideal for track your baby's progress.

This magic phone offers several game options:

  • Babies can sit and enjoy the phone or drag it around;

  • The Chatter model has funny bells and eyes that move in all directions;

  • The keyboard presents numbers from 0 to 9 with multiple colors;

  • It encourages small role playing when babies and toddlers pretend to make a call.

In 2021, the version of the Fisher-Price pull-out phone that brought many generations back to their childhood is still very much in vogue. Indeed, with just a few months to go before Christmas, the famous American company is planning the market launch ofa second generation of this toy to mark his 60 years of career.

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