Which toys should I choose for my 3-month-old baby?

Written by Adelyne

In order to allow your child to grow well, it is important to put him in an environment that allows him to be awake. To do this, there are different exercises and toys, which have been set up by professionals in the field, to develop the different senses of your child, even before that he celebrates his first birthday.

With this in mind, we're going to talk about early learning toys for three-month-old babies in this guide.

The toys of awakening for a child which are usable until his 3 months

Knowing that it is at the age of three months that the child begins to distinguish colors and soundsit will be necessary to opt for awakening toys that are simple and gentle.

Once the three months are up, you will notice that developments will start to show up quickly in your baby. Whether it is his sense of observation, coordination between his hands and eyes, or his dexterity, it is little by little that your little one will discover.

In order not to hurt your three-month-old baby, it is important to choose safe toys, such as stuffed animals, gum relief in the form of animals, fruits, etc. Without forgetting to emphasize reading, which is also an educational tool highly recommended.

By reading short stories to your child, you will stimulate their listening skills and expand their vocabulary, regardless of their age, even at three months.

When you think your child doesn't understand you or isn't listening to you, just start reading and you'll notice that he or she will calm down and be listening to you.

What are the different games and toys for a three-month-old child?

Although there are some people who do not know how to distinguish between games for different ages, it is important to know that in order to allow a child to grow up properly and to be awakeThere are some games and toys for every age.

When it comes to toys, for a three-month-old baby, we advise you not to go overboard and invest in expensive toys.

Besides, even if you do the experiment, you will notice that your baby will not be interested. He will show a total lack of interest, since his senses are not yet developed. That is why the recommended toys for a 3 month old baby are as follows:

  • Rattles;
  • toys that float in water, especially for bathing;
  • teething toys;
  • lint.

Not to mention the musical toys for childrenwhich are recommended to develop your different senses.

As for games, don't hesitate to make them, even when he is still an infant, and to diversify the different materials of the games.

Talk to him, lean towards him, stroke him and show him things with bright colors. Bring the rattle close to his hands so that he can try to catch it and play on his own, as your three-month-old baby will start to make sounds with the rattle. to learn to play alone.

Our tips for choosing the right toys for a 3-month-old baby

While knowing that the babies are generally fragileIf you have a child who is not yet ready to play, you must pay special attention when you choose their toys.

To do this, here are some tips :

  • Always choose safe toys;
  • ask for advice and information before buying;
  • Choose soft materials.

It is recommended that all your baby toys have the mention "CEThis is proof that the toy was manufactured in compliance with European safety standards and requirements. In addition, always remember to check the age of use of the toy, whether it will have to respect each time.

In conclusion, to ensure your baby's development in good conditions, it is important that you know of all educational techniquesincluding all the toys recommended for the child's age group.

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