At what age should a baby be introduced to the play mat?

Written by Adelyne

The soft and colourful playmat is the perfect companion for your baby. On it, he can play and roll around. It's also the perfect place to have fun and spend time with your child. That said, at what age should you buy a baby's play mat ? Answer in this article!

From what age should a baby's play mat be used?

You don't have to wait, you can put your baby on a play mat from its first months. However, it should not be left on for long periods of time, but gradually.

From the first contact with the mat, the baby's senses will be activated. Indeed, he will show signs of curiosity and touch the mat with his fingers and if he falls asleep on it, it is a sign that he finds it comfortable.

Using a play mat at a young age allows the baby to play freely and learn to be autonomous. From the sixth monthA play mat is highly recommended for children. Indeed, it is the age at which the latter becomes aware of his environment, this mat will help him in his first discoveries, and will allow him to satisfy the curiosity which he shows towards the world which surrounds him.

The carpet will be able to accompany your child throughout his or her life as a toddler, it will be a play area and reading. You can leave it in a corner in the child's room or put it away and the child can go and get it whenever he wants.

Criteria for choosing a play mat

The use of a baby's play mat present many advantages for the development of the latter. Indeed, the carpet helps :

  • To the child's cognitive development;
  • To the development of motor skills;
  • To relaxation and fun.

When buying a baby mat, there are a number of criteria to consider.


This is a priority when choosing a play mat. You should check that the mat meets French safety standardsTo do this, check the "NF Label" on the product.


A play mat must be comfortableIt should be thick enough to protect the baby in the event of a fall, as the baby will spend long periods of time in it.

The material of the carpet

The play mat can be made of fabric, foam or plastic. Although the last two materials are easier to clean with a sponge, it is recommended to choose a fabric play mat. The latter is not only soft for the child, but also easy to care for. If you want to avoid any risk of allergies, the playmat 100 % cotton are the best choice.

Colours and games

Opt for bright, warm colours for the play mat, as these stimulate the baby's vision. Don't forget to choose a carpet with various activitiesas a music learning matThe aim is to develop the child's different senses.

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